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Sarah Kvist

Reiki Healer, Registered Nurse

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A Registered Nurse by trade, I’ve helped people transition from this life to the next, and I’ve watched people beat impossible odds in the fight for their lives. But since my own first experience with energy healing, I know that for our physical bodies to heal, we first need to re-charge our life-force energy.

My journey to becoming a Reiki Healer began young. I’ve always felt like an outsider in my family and wanted to have one of my own, and I can proudly say I’m now the mother of two, beautiful children. Yet, after the birth of my daughter, the loneliness crept back in despite the presence of the new family that I’d so longed for.

I felt really heavy. I was sad all the time. I literally could not shake the physical weight I was under. I tried everything: Exercise, massage, acupuncture, wine… While they helped short-term, the heaviness was overwhelming.

One night, my best friend arrived on my doorstep with a green and red rock. She told me to put it under my pillow while I slept. Then, she gifted me an energy healing session for my birthday. Naturally, I was hesitant. A rock and “energy healing” could help me feel better?

After a month, I went for a session and laid down on this stranger’s table. With a feather-light touch on my arm, the Reiki Healer told me about my deepest fears: Unworthiness, loneliness, and the perfectionism I had developed as a coping mechanism for my anxiety. She even told me about my fear of my husband dying in a fiery crash. The words themselves weighed me down.

Yet, when I sat up, that heaviness I’d been suffering from was gone. I felt 10 lbs lighter and my life hasn’t been the same since. I rose from the ashes and transitioned into a new stage of life where I want to share my gift with those who are ready and willing to receive.