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Nicole Carothers, RCC

Nicole Carothers
Registered Clinical Counsellor

EMDR & Somatic Therapist
Squamish in person and online

(587) 802-3720

Hi, I’m Nicole, a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) with specialized training in Somatic (body) Therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). I have over a decade of experience working in hospice palliative care and opened an online private practice in 2021. I am very excited to be able to expand into offering in-person sessions with the team at Peak Experience Counselling. 


Therapy can support clients in exploring personal patterns that may no longer serve them. Together, we work to acknowledge symptoms or patterns, as adaptations that have helped us survive, to become more aware of our nervous system and to understand how our bodies inform us. As we begin to see our patterns, with self-compassion and acceptance, we can begin to change, build new supportive resources, discover new skills, and create a personalized tool kit to move forward.


As a relational therapist, I believe that when people have the opportunity to feel seen and heard, they can work through old trauma and find grounding in this connection and in themselves. My counselling style centres around the therapeutic relationship and collaborative goal setting while providing safety, connection, empathy, understanding, professional insight and therapeutic approaches to help individuals soften their edges and move in a preferred direction. 


Creating safety requires honesty and openness from both the client and counsellor. Together, we work to better understand the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and past experiences keeping you from wellbeing. Connecting to your inner wisdom, building new skills, and identifying forgotten strengths and values assist in creating positive and sustained change. I work with individuals (18+) ready to step towards healing, meeting them where they are and gently challenging them to grow toward their goals.

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