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Olessia Axenova
Masters Student

Reduced Fee Sessions

Hello! My name is Olessia and I am currently in the process of completing my Master of Counselling at City University of Seattle.


My approach to counselling is that of being open and warm, collaborative and integrative, creating a safe space for us to explore your experiences and for me to support you in navigating your unique journey in growth.


Truthfully, I have yet to meet a person who has a rich life and depth of character who had it easy. I believe that life’s challenges can be a source of transformation and deepening of life’s experience. Our struggles are openings and opportunities to rediscover our greatness and experience life a little more fully, so that one day we can proudly look back and say, “Wow, what a journey this life has been!”


I also believe that life is richer in connection with ourselves and others. Although relationships can be challenging, complicated, and confusing; they can also be healthy and healing, joyful and rewarding, and a secure base to explore the beauty of life from. I work with people to help bring them in alignment with relational goals they have for themselves.


I bring a calm, warm, and non-judgmental energy to my practice with individuals and couples. Whatever your challenges, I welcome all of you. Let’s explore what’s happening for you and see how you can get closer to a life that feels a little lighter, brighter, and more meaningful for you!




I am a certified yoga instructor and have been teaching for the last few years. I have also sat in multiple silent meditation courses, learning and practicing vipassana, which is a type of mindfulness meditation, and I bring that presence and awareness to my practice. Prior to teaching yoga, I had a career in corporate/finance and can certainly empathize with challenges that arise in that kind of environment, as well as questioning one’s path and going through life transitions.




Because each individual is unique, I practice from an Integrative approach. This means I pull from various theories and therapies, including: Humanistic/Existential (which helps clients understand themselves, their values and desires, as they journey towards their “highest” and most authentic selves); Acceptance and Commitment (helps clients align their behaviours and life with what matters most to them); Attachment (a way of understanding how we establish and maintain connection with others); Somatic (connects our life experiences to how they live in the body); and Solution-Focused (a brief form of therapy focused on finding ways of working through specific issues).

Please note that as a Masters student, Olessia's sessions are available at a lower fee.
Sessions with Olessia are $50+gst per hour. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have.


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